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6 Creative Post-launch Marketing Strategies for Apps

A balanced mix of organic and paid promotion is essential for successful marketing strategies for apps. We should look for creative ways to reach more consumers with your product, in addition to traditional marketing strategies for apps activities.

You can consider these marketing strategies for apps tactics below:

1. Take the feedback:

It would help if you collected all feedbacks from users who have used your app. It is possible to find a bug and create new functions that consumers love. This is an important step that will help you maintain and update your app in the following phases.

2. Provide great customer service:

Customer service is essential to generating word of mouth and decreasing negative feedback. Install a “get help” button on your website that connects to social media or email to make it easy for customers to contact you with their problems.

Social Media Today reports that Twitter and Facebook are faster and more accurate at responding to customer inquiries than email (44% and 48%, respectively). You can earn five-star reviews by responding quickly.

3. Connect with Social Media:

To get more likes, shares, and comments from your users, you can create a fan page for your app. This positive aspect will help you increase downloads of your app.

Another way to get the attention of your audience is by sharing your app with relevant groups. The audience may search your app.

4. Constructing a Contest:

A contest is a great way to spread the word about your app. When users apply for the contest, you can give away a certain number of your app’s users free of charge. You can upgrade your memberships or open a premium function if the app is available for free.

The contest rule should be linked on social channels. Participants should post, share and invite their friends to the contest. You can increase brand awareness and app recognition.

5. Offer referral bonus:

This will encourage your customers to recommend your app to friends and offer them a bonus or benefit.

This method is used by many companies successfully, including Dropbox. Dropbox offers users the opportunity to earn 500MB extra space when they sign up for the first time. For every friend that they refer, they can accumulate 16GB.

In 2008, the company had only 100,000 registered users. However, this number grew to 4,000,000 in just 15 months. This is positive evidence that word-of-mouth referrals are more effective than traditional advertising.

marketing strategies for app

6. Collaborate with other brands:

Mobile payment services are becoming increasingly popular in many countries. Many E-wallet mobile apps have been launched. These app owners have a key strategy: to partner with other brands to increase their app users.

Consumers can get a discount or voucher at a coffee shop, shopping center, etc. They can redeem a coupon or discount by downloading an E-wallet app like ZaloPay or Samsung Pay. Your app will be a hit with consumers if they are satisfied.

Our client shared these methods over the past 8 years. What are your preferred solutions to reach your app target audience? Let’s discuss your ideas in the comments!

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